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IMEI Registration In Nepal, Hurry up before it’s too late.

IMEI Registration In Nepal

IMEI Registration In Nepal

IMEI Registration in Nepal: Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA), the telecom regulator of Nepal has started online registration of mobile phones. To stop illegal phones from operating and help people track their lost phones, they have started this registration online now. IMEI must be registered in Nepal if it is not bought from Nepal or If you don’t have sufficient proof of buying your phone in Nepal like VAT bills, warranty registration cards etc.Now that the regulator has started this IMEI registration, they will make the illegal phones not operational to the mobile network in Nepal. Phones that are brought from countries other than Nepal are considered illegal. To use those phones, you must do IMEI registration in Nepal. Illegal mobile phones are not allowed to operate in Nepal since July 2021 (Shrawan).

To launch or sell a phone officially requires registering IMEI in NTA. Million of phones have been registered till now in NTA. People can also register for their devices (brought from other countries). Now, NTA is going to stop the unregistered phones to work with Nepal’s Mobile network. The mobile phones, brought using official channels (the authorized ones), can only connect to the mobile network. This will be a big encouragement to all those firms, companies who sell their mobile officially. Ultimately, this will shut down the whole grey market. “For now, all kinds of mobile phones currently in operation either registered or not registered – even if they are commercially or personally imported – will function. However, the authority can revise its provisions and the unregistered phones will have to be registered in the coming days,” said Santosh Paludal, spokesperson for the NTA.

“Customers from now onward should check if the phone he/she is purchasing is registered or not. The phones purchased in Nepal are usually pre-registered,” Paudel added.

What is an IMEI number?

An IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number is basically a 15-digit number that acts as a unique identifier for a mobile phone. Since no two devices can have the same IMEI, it is a very useful tool for tracking lost or stolen cell phones. You can find it on the silver sticker on the back of your phone, under the battery pack, or on the box, your phone came in.IMEI registration comes handy when any phone gets lost or stolen. With the help of the IMEI number, one can make sure the phone, if lost or stolen, cannot be used by the person finding it. The carrier can blacklist a device based on its IMEI number and can contact other carriers to do the same. This means the phone won’t be able to make/receive calls anymore or connect online via the cellular network, even with a new SIM card. Mobile phone users can dial *#06# to know their IMEI number.

Advantages of IMEI Number registration

  • Online registration makes mobile companies or authorized ones do it easily and without any hassle.
  • Individuals can register for their phones easily.
  • Individuals can also track or block their phones through IMEI, ESN, or MEID of the lost phones.
  • Grey market phones will go down, which encourages more official channels.
  • Mobile payments will be secure with the identification database of each owner.

How to register your mobile phone IMEI??

If you are a mobile phone importer or individual, you can register your phone by going to NTA’s portal. Here are the steps to register IMEI phones online in Nepal.

  • Visit the NTA portal. https://eir.nta.gov.np/login
  • Press Sign up for the login or register.
  • Click either New importer or Individual application.
  • Click New register to put your phone’s IMEI with all the details like Brand name, mobile number, IMEI/ ESN / MEID number, Name, address, identification ( Citizenship or ID card or passport).
  • Upload the identification ID photo (should be less than 1 MB)
  • You also need to put your contact number or email.
  • Then you are done with it.

NTA has already decided to make the IMEI registration mandatory, either through phone importers or individuals. IMEI is a unique identifier of a handset, which is used to identify a phone globally. It is also used by phone companies and government for several purposes. Customers also need to save this IMEI number which can be used to track the phone if lost/stolen. You can also find this IMEI number in the cover box of every phone. So, if you have a phone brought from abroad, you can register it in your own name. So, later if NTA does some sort of agreement with international regulator, then the NTA database can also blacklist those internationally blocked phones. This way, the contract phones or fake lost phones brought from other countries may not even work in Nepal at that time. If you require any help to register IMEI number please contact us