Intel i3 3511 Dell Laptop Price Drop in Nepal

Intel i3 3511 Dell Inspiron

Intel i3 3511 processor in this laptop is part of Intel’s Tiger Lake family. i3-1115G4 It offers decent performance for everyday tasks and can handle web browsing, office applications, and light multimedia tasks.

Symphony Z40 Review: Best Mid-Range Phone To Beat!

symphony Z40

Symphony Z40 Mobile Phone is a part of leading telecommunication and Consumer Electronic group SB Tel Enterprise Limited. It is one of the largest smartphone brands in our neighboring country of Bangladesh. Symphony Smartphones were eventually introduced in 2012 and it was widely accepted and adapted by the mass population of the country. Symphony gave … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Review: Best Foldable Smartphone in 2020

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Tablet Screen

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is the ultimate choice. It is the best foldable phone to buy in 2020. Someone has described it as a foldable pocket camera, whereas someone has described it as a foldable tablet. When folded it is a cutting-edge smartphone with 6.2 inches screen that can provide plenty of room to … Read more

Why is Samsung M31 the best Budget phone in 2020?

Samsung Galaxy M31 Color Variants

Samsung M31 can be the best option for those seeking a budget phone right now. The price is the main factor while buying the commodities that you want, especially in a hard time like when everyone has a struggling economy. It is now a behavior of every consumer to seek an economically beneficial product for … Read more