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Use of geolocation:

We use your precise geolocation data in support of one of more purposes. Your location can be accurate to within several meters.

Identification through device scanning:

Your device can be identified based on the scan of your device’s unique combination of characteristics. 

Personal Ads and Contents:

Your profile is created based on your interests just to show you personalized content relevant to you. On the basis of your profile, ads and content can be personalised. The effectiveness of ad and content performance and the way you interact can be measured. Insights about the audiences can be derived and we can use data to build or improve user experience. 

Necessary cookies:

Functional: These types of cookies enable a better user experience via personalization. In case these cookies are diabled, some features of the site may be affected. 

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Social Media: These cookies enable visitors to share our content with friends and social media networks. They help build user profile tracking activities across websites to offer more relevant content.