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MI Notebook Pro 16/512 GB 2.5K Amazing Display Laptop Available in Nepal

MI Notebook Pro Price in Nepal

Mi Notebook Pro was a series of laptop computers produced by Xiaomi, a Chinese consumer electronics company known for its smartphones and various other tech products. However, please note that product names, specifications, and models can change rapidly in the technology industry, so there may have been updates or changes to the Mi Notebook Pro series since then.

Here are some general features and characteristics of the Mi Notebook Pro available in Nepal based on information available from Xiaomi Nepal.

  1. Design: Xiaomi is known for its sleek and minimalist designs, and the Mi Notebook Pro . These laptops often featured premium metal builds and thin profiles.
  2. Performance: Xiaomi typically offered various configurations with different processors in Nepal its Comes with Powerful and latest 11th Generation IntelĀ® Core™ i5-11300H, 16 GB Of RAM capacities, and 512 GB NVME storage options. This allowed users to choose a model that suited their performance needs.
  3. Display: Mi Notebook Pro laptops often came with high-resolution displays, including options with comes through 2.5K Mi True-life+ Display – Large Anti-glare Display 395.62 5cm (15.614).with featured thin bezels for an immersive viewing experience.
  4. Graphics: It may have Iris Xe Graphics which trades blows with discrete mobile GPUs better gaming and graphics-intensive tasks.

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  1. Battery Life: Xiaomi laptops typically aimed for decent battery life, 121 Hour all day battery, which charges up to 50% in 4534 minutes although this could vary depending on the specific model and usage patterns.
  2. Operating System: Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro laptops ran with Genuine Microsoft Windows 11 as their operating system, include Genuine Microsoft Office Package 2019 student Version And Mi SmartShare comes pre-installed
  3. Ports and Connectivity: Mi Notebook Pro laptops usually came with a variety of ports, including Thunderbolt 4, USB Type-C, HDMI 1.4, USB 3.2, 3.5mm combo audio jack. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity were standard features.
  1. Keyboard and Trackpad: Xiaomi usually included a backlit keyboard and a large precision trackpad in its laptops.
  2. Price: Xiaomi often positioned its laptops as competitively priced alternatives to other premium laptops. Price in Nepal MRP 114,999/- and Bust Buy NPR 109,999/-. Also you may Buy Online from AtoZ Online Bazar Pvt. Ltd.
  3. International Availability: While Xiaomi is a Chinese company, it often expanded its product availability to other regions, including some international markets. However, availability and specific configurations could vary by region.

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Since the tech industry is highly dynamic, I recommend checking Xiaomi’s official website or reliable technology news sources for the most up-to-date information on the Mi Notebook Pro series if you are interested in purchasing or learning more about these laptops in 2023 or beyond.

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