iPhone XR Review: Why is it still one of the best iPhones in 2020?

iPhone XR color variants

Released in 2018, iPhone XR is still the strong contender with the latest powerful software, big and bright display, good camera, and good battery life, all at an affordable price. After the launch of the iPhone XS and XS Max, iPhone XR came to the market. To provide the technology and experience of much-loved XS … Read more

iPhone 11 Full Review: What is better than iPhone XR?

iPhone 11 has the best dust and water resistance

After the success of Apple iPhone XR, iPhone 11 has taken over the market for over a year. Despite being the same, it is still “The brand new iPhone.” This is clearly a solid improvement over the XR in so many ways and it got a better price than iPhone 11 pro, making this phone … Read more

iPhone 11 Pro Max Most Powerful Smartphone | Price in Nepal

iPhone 11 Pro Max Super A13 chipset

iPhone 11 Pro Max is the most powerful phone Apple has ever created with the best technology and design to rival with it’s biggest contenders, including Samsung, Google, and Huawei. This is the closest to the perfect smartphone at least for now with the perfect combo of triple AI camera, a powerful 3969mAh battery, and … Read more